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Lip Thyphoon Sunglasses  * Polarized lenses by ZEISS  * Extremily comfortable and flexible frame * Including safety leash to never...
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Vaavud Sleipnir Windmeter for every Smartphone * Measures windspeed and wind direction * Very accurate (-+4%)  * Comes with a neoprene...
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Seawag Waterproof Case for underwater videos * Fits all smartphones * Waterproof until 25m * Touch screen still works
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Jobe Polarized Kite Glasses  * Protect your eyes  * Good for all watersports * Great value for money
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Le NEW Nimbus est le skateboard électrique pour les amoureux de la glisse. 32 Km/h de pointe pour 4,9 Kg, c’est avant tout un...
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