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The monarch is the board of choice of 3 three times King of the Air champion , Kevin Langeree! The monarch will make you boots like no...
599,00 €
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The stomp is the overall wakestyle-freestyle board of Naish! If you are looking for a solid board to stomp all your tricks, the stomp was...
849,00 €
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The drive is the carbon freeride board from Naish! With a mellow rocker it's the ideal board to improve your skills and go upwind.  *...
499,00 €
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The most overall board of the Naish twintip range at a reasonable prize! freestyle, bigair or freeride do it all with the motion.  *...
399,00 €
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One of the best beginner board on the market!  * Fast Upwind ability  * Handle the chop easily  * Easy jumps * Flat rocker 
649,00 €
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The Orbit is the light wind board from naish Kiteboarding with a brand new design in 2019!  * Light materials  * Freeride  * Easy...
1 029,00 €
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Naish Dash 2019 It's finally, the most overall from Naish is back in 2019. Faster and more slack, it's never been so easy to improve! *...
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The Torch is the high end C-Shape of Naish Kiteboarding made for riders that want to take their to the next level!  * Naish Torch 2019...
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