Kitesurf Accessoires

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PIQ Duotone Kiteboarding :  * The Duotone PIQ is the ideal accessory to measure your jumps. * Second version with improved software....
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ION Keysafe  *Ideal accessory to hide your keys and be comfortable on the water knowing your keys are safe. 
159,00 €
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ION Gearbag Golf TEC * Save costs by traveling with this "golfbag"  * High end travel bag * Two sizes TEC 1/3 Golf 145 x 45 / 3.27kg...
50,00 €
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Duotone Surf Strap with washers and screws * Strap for directional * Flexible and good grip * Size adjustable
79,00 €
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Duotone Traction Pad Team Front 2021 * No more wax * Maximum control and grip * Full board is covered with this 8pcs front pad
29,00 €
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Ion Core Short Leash * Always have the release close * Safest leash * For riders that don't unhook
185,00 €
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Lip Thyphoon Sunglasses  * Polarized lenses by ZEISS  * Extremily comfortable and flexible frame * Including safety leash to never...
90,00 €
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Lip Surge Sunglasses * Best value for money  * Best protection for your eyes with polarized lenses (100% UV protection)  * Including...
40,00 €
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Jobe Polarized Kite Glasses  * Protect your eyes  * Good for all watersports * Great value for money
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